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If you are an individual or business and would like to support the 911 Cell Phone Bank program by donating your old cell phone, visit our Donate page for details.

If you are in Law Enforcement, Government Emergency Management or represent a Victim Services organization and would like to participate in the 911 Cell Phone Bank program please contact us by or by phone at (866) 290-7864.

Who qualifies to participate?
The 911 Cell Phone Bank program is open to any Law Enforcement agency, Government Emergency Management agency, or private charitable Victim Services agency who has a legitimate need for 911 emergency cell phones.

Why should I participate?
Both the community service professionals and the community itself benefit from participation in at least two ways.


A Law Enforcement or Victim Services agency’s time is best spent helping the community, not testing or inventorying cell phones. When your community participates in the 911 Cell Phone Bank we take on all the operational responsibilities involved in running a 911 emergency cell phone program. This leaves your community service professionals to focus on the people in your community.


Your community maximizes your donation. Getting cash value or usable 911 emergency cell phones.

Is there any cost?
No. We will pay for all shipping and handling, inventory management and testing of each donated cell phone. However, unless special circumstances exist, any agency requesting cell phones will be required to support the promotion and collection activities of the program.

How will my donation benefit my community?
All monies generated by the sale of re-marketable cell phones donated to a specific agency will be paid directly back to that agency. However, only the donated cell phones which are designated for 911 emergency use will be added to an inventory "Bank" available to all participants. Qualified participating agencies can request any number of 911 emergency cell phones regardless of past donations.

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