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Recycling Statement

The 911 Cell Phone Bank actively supports the protection of the environment by efficiently recycling all our waste; especially electronic waste, frequently called E-waste. Our everyday pollution prevention activities reduce the need for wireless industry waste to go into landfills. We believe in a closed production system, and a no landfill policy. We are committed to our customers, our communities and to everyone's environment. In addition, all of our contractors have adopted a similar recycling stance.

In a 2002 report the CTIA stated, "there are 150 million wireless phones subscribers as of June 2003, more than 80 million wireless phones sold in North America each year, and an average subscriber upgrades equipment every 18 months. This creates a significant issue of wireless phone disposal". Our program allows businesses and consumers to easily recycle old wireless phones, reducing waste and keeping environmentally harmful materials such as heavy metal from entering landfills. Wireless phones contain toxic materials such as lead and cadmium which are hazardous to our soil and water supply. In addition to toxic metals, wireless phones contain plastic; precious metals; glass; and other materials. All of these materials are reclaimed for reuse in other applications, and any remaining hazardous waste is disposed of through an authorized handling facility, so nothing ends up in a landfill. This is referred to "Total Consumption Recycling."

Through strategic alliances the 911 Cell Phone Bank has partnered with leading specialists in the recycling and reuse of wireless handsets. Our partners actively use contractors that comply with ISO 9000 & 14001 international standards.


  • Certify the destruction of equipment and materials.
  • Follow an environmentally correct disposition of goods.
  • Are actively recycling all metals & plastics.
  • Provide Certificate’s of Destruction.
  • Provide 100% accountability for materials.
  • Have a strict No Landfill policy.
  • Are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or IAER Certified Recycler’s.

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