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One of the best ways to help us spread the word about donating to the 911 Cell Phone Bank is to email your friends, family, and co-workers - anyone you think might be interested in making a donation. We've included some sample text below; feel free to personalize it however you like.


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Tell your friends about the 911 Cell Phone Bank every time you send an email by adding one of the below messages in your email footer. Some ideas:


Are You a Wireless Retailer?
Are you a wireless retailer? You can have a huge impact on our efforts by giving your customers the opportunity to donate their old cell phones when they buy a new one. If you want to promote the 911 Cell Phone Bank to your customers download the
Retailer Start Up Package. It contains useful tools you can use in your stores. Get the recognition you deserve as a supporter of the 911 Cell Phone Bank. Let us know you are collecting cell phones for us and we can help you tell the world!

Can You Recommend Us to Law Enforcement In Your Area.
Would you like your community to have access to no cost emergency cell phones? Download our
Information Kit and pass the information along to civic leaders, law enforcement or victim services agencies in your community. There is no cost to get involved and the benefits are many.

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Show your support of the 911 Cell Phone Bank by placing any of the banners below on your website, blog, MySpace profile - wherever!

By linking to our site you are helping seniors and victims of abuse, one 911 Emergenct Cell Phone at a time. Please choose from the banners below, and use the code provided by following these steps:

  1. Choose a graphic.

  2. Highlight the code under the graphic.

  3. Copy the code (usually Ctrl+C).

  4. Open your page with any text editor.

  5. Paste the code into your page (usually Ctrl+V).

  6. Save your page.

These banners will display what you see below.




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