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True Stories

Domestic Violence Victim Uses Hidden Cellphone to Call Police
4/08   Shelly Collins from FamilyTime Crisis and Counseling Center in Humble, TX, said she remembered one woman involved in a domestic violence situation who hid her emergency cell phone under the bed. When another fight started and the land line was ripped out, she ran to the bedroom and locked the door. She had enough time to call 911, and the police arrived in time to prevent a potentially deadly situation.

Abuse Victim Used Her Cell Phone While being Strangled
2/08  Scott Frazier, Sales and Training  Specialist for the Bethany Group told the story of his ex-girlfriend and her  new boyfriend. Carrie was in an abusive relationship that alienated her from her valuables, friends and family. One night her boyfriend became violent and tried to smother her with a pillow and strangle her with his weight. Luckily, she was able to feel the numbers on her cell phone and call 911. Discreetly, she said the address, and the police arrived in time to save her.

A Mother Feels Safer with Emergency Cell Phones
1/08  Robin Hess, Program Manager at Child Victim Rapid Response Program of Tampa, Florida, explained how a Mother started a plan to create a safe home for her and her two boys. The changed behavior of the two young boys was noticed by a teacher. It took some probing and conferencing with their Mother and the school counselor, but the source of their behavior was soon discovered. The mother had been having fights with her husband that led to injuries to herself and to the boys because they tried to protect her. Two phones were provided to the Mother—she carried one with her and hid the other in her home—to provide her with the ability to call for help if a situation arose that put her or the children at risk of violence or abuse. 

Abuser Arrested As Result of 911 Phone Call
12/07 Shelley Gordon, Shelter Manager at Help Now, Inc., in Kissimmee, FL, stated that a victim from the Shelter was given a free emergency cell phone to use. On her way to the store, the victim noticed she was being followed by her abuser. She was able to use the phone to call 911, and the police quickly came to her rescue. Her attacker was then arrested for Violation of Injunction and taken to jail.

Elderly Gentleman Saves Himself From Beating
11/07 An elderly gentleman in Greenville, MS, heard some noises and discovered neighborhood teens were breaking into his home. The man had no land phone service…and was grateful for the emergency phone given him by local law enforcement. He quickly used his emergency cell phone and saved himself from a beating according to Emma Watts, Washington County Crime Scene Examiner.

Emergency Cell Phone Saved Her Life
10/07 Jacqueline Green, Director/Victim Advocate for E. Cleveland Domestic Violence Center in Ohio, said “the 911 cell phone saved her life.”

“There was a victim who came in to get help, and we gave her one of our emergency cell phones because her abuser had taken her phone (very common with abusers). She was in fear of him, and she had to leave the house. The phone made her feel a little safer,” added Green. “A few days later she was on her way to work, and he tried to run her off the road; she used her emergency phone to tell the police where she was. They found her and apprehended him. Because he had a prior Domestic Violence charge, he was sent away for several years.”

Brutal Mugging Victim Fears Lessened by Emergency Cell Phone
8/07 An elderly woman had been brutally assaulted and lay in an alley before being found.  Her assailant was eventually captured. As one of the first benefactors of Wayne County Sheriff’s Office emergency cell phone program, the elderly resident was given a cell phone to allay her fears. She knows the value and peace of mind her cell phone can bring. Had she received an emergency phone earlier, she would not have been subject to such a helpless feeling reported Daralene Nero of Wayne County, MI, Community Outreach.

Senior Saved from Spending a Painful Night on the Floor
“I wanted to let you know how important the 911 Cell Phone Bank emergency cell phones have been to our seniors,” said Sue Sabrowski of the Rose City Senior Center Triad in Norwich, CT. They gave an emergency phone to a senior who carried it on her walker. “One night, while in her kitchen, she fell and was badly injured,” said Sabrowski. “She was able to crawl to her walker, retrieve her phone and get emergency help. She tells all her friends how the phone saved her from spending a painful night on the floor. How wonderful!”

“LIFELINE® ALERT” Doesn't work when the power is off!
8/07 Deborah Mullen is the Lincoln Triad Coordinator in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Here are two real-life stories recalled by Mullen about how 911 emergency cell phones helped...

Sheriff Calls Extreme Success for Schuyler County
5/07 Customer service representative Melisa Erwin received a “Thank You” letter from a sheriff who recently started a 911 Cell Phone Program in Schuyler County, NY. According to Sheriff Bill Yessman, the program...

Daunting Task
11/06 The boxes had been piling up in the storage area—mismatched batteries, cell phones, cords and chargers. “It was a daunting task to match everything up, test, and then ship it out,” says Deputy James Absher, Triad Program Officer of...

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